Europython 2007

published Jul 29, 2007 12:45   by admin ( last modified Jul 29, 2007 12:45 )
Europython happened in Vilnius 9-11 of July. I was there with a couple of hundred others. The event was very well arranged, and had many interesting talks. I'd like to thank the arrangers for making it such a smooth running event. I managed to snap just a few pictures with my phone, during the more social events, since during the talks (not to mention the lightning talks) I tended to concentrate too much to think of the camera (and with the phone switched off).

I especially appreciated Arlo Belshee's talks and workshops on pair programming and other development techniques.


Joachim and Tess at the "All drinks on Google" night


The conference facilities at Hotel Reval were excellent.


A mix of Irish, English, German, Swedish and Polish pythonistas on a night out along the Gedimino pedestrian street. And Tess is not (that) drunk, she just made a face at the moment the picture was taken, methinks. Lennart and Magda in fondo.

More pictures from others: