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You are here: Home Best microphone setup for indoor interviews?

Best microphone setup for indoor interviews?

published Feb 23, 2019 12:45   by admin ( last modified Feb 23, 2019 12:41 )

Summary: The two options seem to be lavalier/lapel microphones or overhead boom microphones. Lav mics seems by far the easier option.

Curtis Judd talks about this a bit and seems to favoor boom mics. However he points out that so called shotgun mics have problems with room echo and are best used outdoors. For indoor use you can use directional mics without that shotgun tube. Hypercardioid is the description to look for, for highly directional mics.

Boom mic'ing is a lot of work and lavalier mics is a much easier option. If going with headset mics, plosives can become a problem, might be interesting to see if there is a good pop shield for headset mics.

One other option that could work would be to put directional mics below the subjects, at least if they are sitting down. But I think you want to place the mic within 50 cm or so of the mouth, which might be difficult. Still, it would be elegant to just have two mics, one in front of and below each subject's head, since that would very easy to set up.