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Flowblade— a so far so good video editor on Linux

published Jan 31, 2019 11:50   by admin ( last modified Feb 01, 2019 12:11 )

This morning I opened my KDEnlive project that I spent 4 hours on yesterday, and found it had scrambled all my clips over three video timelines, changed durations and lost some clips.

So today I switched. I have tested many video editors but never before Flowblade. So far, so good! It took me an hour to recreate yesterday's work (since I now knew the source material better) and lo and behold, it hasn't corrupted my work yet. Thruth to be hold, neither had KDEnlive before yesterday.

I remember when I had to build a watchdog for the Linux Abiword word processor, a watchdog that reacted to every file change Abiword made and checked that into a local git repository. That version of Abiword had the habit of corrupting its document files. I thought I'd now need to do the same with KDEnlive. But I think I will stick with Flowblade now. It has crashed on me 5 times today, but so far not corrupted anything.

I found Flowblade to have a logical UI and you can name clips! But, you cannot cut soundtracks. That could be a dealbreaker. Maybe you can if you merge them with video tracks?

Ok, I have found a way to cut an audio clip.

  • Make sure all tracks are inactive
  • That includes the track the audio clip is on, if that track is active, it won't work
  • Select the audio you want to make a cut in
  • Press x, or select Edit→Cut Clip