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You are here: Home How the extreme left turned to race in order to get rid of the center of politics

How the extreme left turned to race in order to get rid of the center of politics

published Aug 19, 2017 04:50   by admin ( last modified Sep 17, 2017 10:05 )

The left has always had a problem demarcating to the extreme left. Although they all agree that communism was bad, they seem to have this lingering suspicion that maybe it was good, but just had a bit of bad luck. See for example the recent spate of articles in the New York Times (one example).

Sometimes the leftists' often reasonable actions and views, get hijacked by the extreme left and get tweaked into insanity, and then beamed back at the left.

But the left never, not even the extreme left, ever went for racism. Socialism and even communism is inherently anti-racist. In fact commies see all human individuals as replaceable, so race doesn't make sense. The left could argue for women, for workers, but it would not argue for race. After all the Soviet Union defeated the racist nazis, and although the Soviet killed massive amounts of their own people, it wasn't officially at least based on the principle that you were killed for your perceived race (I write "perceived" because it wasn't up to you to decide what or who you were; it was foisted upon you.).

However as time has gone by and no revolution in the West has turned up, the extreme leftists came to the conclusion that by focusing on race - the taboo subject - they could very well destabilize society in a quicker and more insidious way. Once the chaos arrives, they reason, they can take power and stamp out that pesky race thing which had then served its purpose. But in the history of communism and chaos, it seems to be a bit of a crap shoot: Sometimes the extreme right instead come out as winners, and go on to destroy civilization and society in their particular way.

By embracing race as a divider, the extreme left hopes to nurture the neo nazis and finally get rid of that pesky middle of the political field. They mimic their enemy, and the epic, final standoff should materialize. Although negative rights are important when working against racism, positive rights can be quite dangerous.

Part of the extreme left's success rests on the latent racism present in our societies. The extreme right most certainly do not need the extreme left to flourish it seems, but it does not mind being cast into a nemesis role. This is a war on the political center, coordinated between communists (turned race baiters) and neo nazis.

The solution is to be resistant to thinking in terms of race. Whenever you're tempted to think in terms of race, think in terms of marginalization and lack of opportunities for individuals, not collectives of a certain race, and watch out for discrimination, racist or otherwise. Resist racism when you see it and call it out. And focus on supplying opportunities and justice, i.e. freedom.

Race is bullshit, individuals are not.