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You are here: Home Is bluetooth microphone audio always bad?

Is bluetooth microphone audio always bad?

published Feb 12, 2019 12:50   by admin ( last modified Feb 17, 2019 01:15 )

Update: Here it is straight from the horse's mouth, or rather Antlion's mouth: All Bluetooth mic standards are bad, max they could get out was 16KHz sampling frequency (vid forwarded to where he talks about this):

I put the sound track down for a screen cast with my Sony bluetooth headset. The result was not good, I had to redo it later with a wired mic. I then saw a video review of a higher quality bluetooth headset, but alas again the sound is no good from the mic:

This answer on Quora seems to indicate that with current standards bluetooth microophone audio will always suck, unless you hack the mic stream into some data protocol of bluetooth.

Why is the quality of my microphone so bad when I use my Bluetooth headset with my windows desktop computer? - Quora