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If your Acer Aspire V-573G is hard to start

Posted by admin |

That is, when you depress the start button on the left hand side, it sometimes has problem starting up, especially when not connected to mains, then in my experience you may need to get a new CR2032 battery on the mother board.

  • Remove the screws on the underside of the laptop
  • Pop off the bottom
  • Locate the battery (it's in the center)
  • Pop it out
  • Replace it with a new one

You should be grounded and it may be a good idea to disconnect the battery (the big one, not the coin cell we are talking about in this blog post) from the motherboard before beginning. The old CR2032 battery had a voltage of 2.94V as measured and a new one 3.04V. So maybe it started working better for another reason, or that difference is enough. Maybe the old one had an even lower voltage under load.

Sep 27, 2016 05:35

"Oh Snap!" in Chrome and crashing Firefox: SSD or Ubuntu 16.04?

Posted by admin |

One of my computers has for some time had the problem that tabs in Chrome get the "Oh snap!" message after a while, and Firefox just crashes mysteriously after many hours. This computer runs Ubuntu 16.10 and has an M2 SSD. Now my laptop is showing exactly the same behaviour, after having had an SSD installed.

I wonder if this is because the hardware isn't up to handling the speed of the SSD drives or if there is some kind of conflict between the SSD and the OS. I will slow down the SSD bus speed on the laptop and see if that helps.

Update 2016-12-31:

It helped!


Sep 20, 2016 10:55