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Linux software for making, editing & compressing screencasts

published Mar 18, 2017 09:10   by admin ( last modified Mar 20, 2017 05:51 )

Currently I use this:

Recording - Kazam, can record region of the desktop, among other things

Editing - KDEnlive, shows the sound graph very well and makes it easy to punch in markers with just typing "*", and to then remove pauses and extraneous and erroneous words. You make cuts by typing "x" and then cut in a good place. Cut once more, then type "s" to get the selection tool, select the cut part, delete it. Finally right click in the empty space and choose "Remove empty" space from the context menu. That will move all clips in that channel to the right of the cut left in order to close the space.

 KDEnlive is no good in my tests at compressing though, so I render it losslessly, and procede to the next step:

Compressing - Handbrake - still fiddling with the settings here. I want no JPEG artefacts since It's a screencast with sharp edges and few colors, so one would assume some kind of GIF or PNG encoding would be good.

Here are my settings right now for producing a screen cast:

Sound: Mono, mp3, bitrate: 96

Video: Bitrate 150kb/s. Encoder: H264. Tune: still image. Variable frame rate, 2-pass encoding.