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Modep, Pisound, Puredata — more sound processing options for the Raspberry Pi

published Mar 09, 2019 12:20   by admin ( last modified Mar 10, 2019 07:00 )

Going deeper into the world of Raspberry Pi and sound I have discovered some new options. Modep (Meet MODEP - MOD DUO Emulator for Raspberry Pi)  is a ready-made operating system image with almost 200 plugins installed. I haven't tested it yet, but I am very curious as to how well they solve the optimization issues. I'm downloading it right now. There are even two de-essers among the plugins! I suupect though that many of the plugins are made for guitar effects and are hence in mono.

Modep is hosted by the Lithuanian Blokas guys who make the Pisound high-quality sound sound card for Pi. Buy Pisound - Sound Card & MIDI Interface for Raspberry Pi. At around €100 I will refrain to buy it at this point in time, since I think it is the processing limits of the Pi itself, that sets the limits for me. Still cool though!

Review: Blokas PiSound, Audio & MIDI Interface For Raspberry Pi : Ask.Audio

Modep seems to be created by the guys behind the super pedals  Mod Duo and Mod Duo X. Their stuff looks close to what I would like to create except they do guitar effects.

Finally, since I have problems with the processing power of the Pi, maybe it's time to look at PureData, maybe the bare bones approach would yield more powerful results, suitable for a headless configuration?

Update 2019-03-10: Couldn't boot with Modep from a USB stick with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. It complained about things being on different partitions or something. Either the Modep image cannot handle the 3B+ hardware or it cannot handle being on a USB, I guess.