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You are here: Home Plugins — Rakarrack vs Jack Rack Vs Calf Rack on a Raspberry Pi

Plugins — Rakarrack vs Jack Rack Vs Calf Rack on a Raspberry Pi

published Mar 08, 2019 11:45   by admin ( last modified Mar 08, 2019 04:16 )

First of all, kudos to the porters and maintainers for making all of these run on the Pi!

However it seems to me that it is the Rakarrack that actually runs well, given the constrained resources of the Pi. And this is not so strange given that I think Rakarrack was made with the ARM-powered Pi in mind!

When running the two others, Jackd seems to give up eventually. It starts outputting lots of clicks, like rain. I think that happens when many samples are dropped so that the result has huge discrepancies between adjacent samples in the output. Then it goes downhill from there and locks up. Basically these two seem to strain the resources of the PI. Maybe their plugins are inherently more computationally complex, or they have not been properly optimized for the ARM architecture.

Thinking about it, I actually only tested the Calf plugins for Jack Rack and Calf Rack. It may be that they are extra difficult on the Pi: Plugin performance on RaspberryPi 3 |