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You are here: Home Podcastage, Judd, & Krause: Fav channels for sound for video/podcast/screencast

Podcastage, Judd, & Krause: Fav channels for sound for video/podcast/screencast

published Feb 21, 2019 03:25   by admin ( last modified Feb 22, 2019 07:07 )

Current favorite video channels for sound for video/podcast/screencast are:

Read more on them below:


There is no way around podcastage. Bandrew is a machine (figuratively speaking one must add in this day and age) who has reviewed tons of gear in a afaict fair way with technical knowledge and excellent presentation. Here are some of his videos, but he has hundreds surely:

Best USB Microphone Under $100 (Oct 2016) - YouTube

What's the Best Mic & How To Select the Right Mic (For Beginners) - YouTube

16 bit vs. 24 bit Audio, What Should You Record At? (FAQ Series) - YouTube

Julian Krause

Julian Krause, has a fair and technical approach which comes over very well, with objective tests, se for example:

Preamp Shootout - Sound Devices MixPre VS Zoom F/H VS Rode VS Roland - YouTube

Dynamic Mics are Noiser than Condenser Mics? (ft. Shure SM7B) - YouTube

Podcastage posted a comment of approval on the last one.

Curtis Judd

Curtis Judd talks about how to bring it all together, mostly with video but also with sound.  He is open about when he is a rookie and when he is experienced. Judd has the closest job compared to what tasks I need to get done sometimes, as he is a professional videographer working for companies. See for example:

Which Audio Recorders for Filmmaking Do I Still Use? 2016 - YouTube

Dialogue Boom Mic Comparison Results - YouTube

How to Get Loud Consistent Sound for Video - YouTube