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You are here: Home Setting up Kotlin on Ubuntu 17.10

Setting up Kotlin on Ubuntu 17.10

published Dec 03, 2017 06:20   by admin ( last modified Dec 03, 2017 06:21 )


  • Use Oracle's Java, OpenJDK does not work with IntelliJ on Ubuntu 17.10
  • Install Maven
  • Start project in IntelliJ via Maven

Longer explanation

First install maven. It is in the Ubuntu repositories, so easy step.

sudo apt install maven

Download IntelliJ. Kotlin is included in IntelliJ, so no need to download it separately. You need to install the JDK from Oracle, because IntelliJ doesn't understand Openjdk (or the OpenJDK JDK is incomplete) on Ubuntu 17.10 at this point in time.

Place it somewhere and then tell IntelliJ where it is, you can download it and e.g. move it to /usr/local/lib/jvm.


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