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The amount of work needed to listen to a Youtube video...

published Sep 23, 2017 09:35   by admin ( last modified Sep 23, 2017 09:41 )

...on your Android phone is daunting. It doesn't work with the Youtube app since it cuts out when it is not in the foreground. I have now on my destop made an mp3 and hope I can put that back on the phone, so I can listen to the lecture! If I can find an mp3 player that plays in the background. Which did not seem to be installed on my Nexus. If it is, it's hiding.

And how do you move files to and from your Andorid phone in a sane way? The USB tether does not show all files if there are many files in a directory. Google drive back and forth across the world? Ridiculous, I'll tell ya.

And it does not play in my bluetooth headset! I'm pushing into 20 minutes of work now. To listen to one file that was already there to begin with. And Firefox also stops playing it.

It turns out that my Plantronics one-ear headset does not support the AD2P profile, so I cannot listen to it. Do I need to say ridiculous?

Now listening to the mp3 file, via Google Drive, on tethered headphones.