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Two step keyboard shortcuts are actually pretty nice

published May 23, 2018 04:20   by admin ( last modified Jun 12, 2018 01:21 )

Summary: In the Atom editor, you can do ctrl+k and then another ctrl+character thingy, or jusr ctrl+k and another character. And that effectively triples the shortcuts and is kind of easy to do.

Edit 2018-06-05: This holds true for VS code too

I needed to use the Atom editor for its Lisp support (which VS code seems to lack, Edit 2018-06-05: VS code actually has parinfer too, Edit 2018-06-12 but it is inferior, maintained by the same guy & he focuses more on the Atom parinfer plugin) and I needed to uppercase some things, and there was no shortcut in the menu for it. I opened the shortcut setting and found that is reachable by

ctrl-k ctrl-u

It seems that ctrl-k works as a mode to put in a "subcommand" similar to screen where ctrl-a does that. It worked surpisingly well. However Atom does not list the shortcut next to the menu option, which kind of defeats or at least hampers the purpose.