How to get one icon per window in the Ubuntu 22.04 dock

Sat May 28 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Updated 2022-11-26: What seems to work for me now on Ubuntu 22.10 is to install a Firefox extension which then smoothly and a bit worryingly integrates with gnome on my desktop.

The extension can then be installed from here:

Old text:

You have to download dash-to-panel. This can be done by installing gnome extensions manager from the standard repos. Then choose "Browse" and type a search string to find dash-to-panel. Nota bene that gnome extensions manager only presents the first twelve or so search results, so you've got to do a reasonably precise search.

Once installed, you can configure dash-to-panel either from gnome extensions manager or from gnome extensions app.

gnome extensions manager:

gnome extensions app (in Swedish)

In either one go to dash-to-panel's settings and under "Behavior" select "Ungroup programs" (sorry about the Swedish):

And your dock, if it's vertical will start to look like this: