"docker-compose up" on Ubuntu 19.10, by Jove it stays up!

published May 22, 2019 03:40   by admin ( last modified May 22, 2019 03:39 )

I had to run a docker-compose file today to get access to some cool services and had big problems getting the services out of it that I thought I would. It all seemed a bit old. It turned out that I ran an older version of this file 2 weeks ago, and I never ran "docker-compose down". I did do a ctrl-c though which in older Ubuntu versions seemed to settle the matter. But in 19.10 it seems different. It stays up.

Those old containers have been running on my laptop through hell and high rain for two weeks now, through approximately 20 restarts and shutdowns of the laptop. And I could not get them down afaict with "docker-compose-down" now, since that file has changed. Systemd starts docker every reboot and then docker starts its stuff, including the containers.

I had to resort to docker rm and docker kill to get the new stuff up.