Voice over mic test by BoothJunkie:My take on which mics sounded best

published Jul 22, 2019 12:20   by admin ( last modified Jul 24, 2019 05:50 )

I'm listening through a tinny laptop speaker, but here goes. The mic he is mainly testing, the VO 1-A is really good. It is better than the first mic he compares it too the CAD m179, and also edges out the Røde NT1 mic, although is has to be said that the Røde is good. I wonder if you ever can go wrong with a Røde mic. The Lewitt LCT 440 PURE in some ways better than the VO 1-A, I'd say maybe not as clear, but with a nice compression, that suits voiceover often I gather. The Neumann mics are better, but it makes you think by how much given the price. I am a bit interested in the Neumann KMS 105 BK  which is a cheaper version for stage use. 

Below is BoothJunkie's affiliate links for the different microphones. Haven't thought that much about the Sennheiser and the CAD e100s.


With headphones on

I have now listened with my Sony MDR-CD480 headphones,  and methinks VO 1-a still sounds better than the m179 and the NT1. The LC440 sounds a litlle bit better, less raw and less sibilant but otoh with more distortion. The e100s sounds better. The TLM103 sounds a lot (well maybe not a lot but in this context of listening intently) better.